About the prints

All photos are made personally by me to insure the best quality. Canson Platine museum quality photo paper which is 100% cotton rag and uses no optical brighteners is the only media that I print on, besides the cotton rag that I use for the platinum/palladium photos I make chemically, which only pure carbon prints have archival qualities as good as these.

The Process

By using 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 analog film cameras and printing from a digital file, scanning is involved. I was fortunate to find a used (read good deal) high end drum scanner, the Heidelberg Tango. The price for a scanner of this quality sold for around $70,000. when they were new. The large surface of sheet film allows for finely detailed images with smooth tonality that has a look that is unique and unsurpassed. My files are in the range from 1 gigabyte to 3 gigabytes. I use the processing software Photoshop for overall color balance, contrast and to select various areas to lighten or darken. The processes are very similar to the techniques I used to use in a darkroom and my results are better than what I could achieve in the old days. Not to take anything away from the darkroom masters such as Imogene Cunningham or the Westons-Edward and Brett, I still appreciate and swoon over a well made black and white silver print or better yet a platinum/palladium photo. Occasionally, I get my fingers wet and make platinum/palladium photos. Please stop by my gallery in Stanley to see in person the difference all this makes in tonality, detail and the depth that is in a large photo. Viewing images on a monitor can’t begin to come close. Here’s a link to a video that describes the quality possible with film compared to digital- Film quality

The Price

Sizes can vary accordingly by the proportion of the film used or by cropping the image. I can make custom sizes.

Prices work out to approximately .40 cents a square inch for the print. I also have a book- Wonders of Wildness available for 49.95 that has 101 photos of central Idaho.

12”x15”=$75. 16”x20”=$130. 20”x25”=$200. 24”x30”=290. 28”x36”=$400.

36”x45”=$650. 40”x50”=$800. Panoramas- 10”x32”=$130. 20”x47”=$375.

36”x68”=$950. 40”x90”=$1450.

Shipping prices are very reasonable, as long as I can ship the photo in a tube. Contact me at: thadgerheim@yahoo.com and I can either email or call back to discuss a photo.